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Welp - the stolen music is still circulating...
I found a side channel that recently re-uploaded all of Lonebrony's stolen music:
(edit: ik I've brought this up before while the whole lonebrony thing was still blowing up, but I'm p sure this is the only channel I've found that actually has most of the stolen stuff in one place and is dedicated to lonebrony - instead of only a couple stolen pieces)

I've personally decided to contact them about my piece, but if you had your music stolen, it's really up to you if you wanna do anything. They don't get a lot of views (nothing over 400) so it's not a huge deal.... But just wanted you guys to know in case you did wanna do something.
If you can't make a bilibili (basically a Chinese version of YouTube) account or can't level up then just get me to message them.

Please don't attack them though cause they're just a fan account and probably have no idea they're uploading stolen music.
Don't attack LoneBrony either because the original blowup over this thing happened almost 2 years ago and he formally apologized at the end. Plus, celthyan, mnmwert, and I would probably die if we had to deal with him or any blowups regarding him for another 5 mins xD

The Ensemble is starting! Song: O Come All Ye Faithful (ALSO NO MORE PEOPLE CAN JOIN)

Link to song:
Please learn by: January 30, 2020 and turn it in here:
Here are you parts... if your instrument part or name is not there, please message me through Musescore!
David Matev - Alto Saxophone
Edward Konyrev - Bb Trumpet
Overripe_Toad606 - Bb Trumpet
Kirara Wright - Piano Part
3rd_Clarinet - Bb Clarinet
ImSoSaxy - Tenor Saxophone
Half Step - Flute
The_Mad_Duck - Baritone/Euphonium
-Nobody Central- - Flute 
b]Aqueous Humourati
- Video Editor
Rebecusta - Violin
Jdrcolbert - Cello Part
ZaneChihuahua - Violin
Justin M. Bornais - Bb Trumpet
Kilo The Fox - Alto Saxophone
Cathea493 - Bb Clarinet
Clayton Franks - Drum Set
Blastissimo - Flute
Bramley - Alto Saxophone
Racheal Siegel - Bb Clarinet
Brayden2711 - Alto Saxophone
Thomas Osborn - Marimba
Konnichichi - Piano
The_Sax_Boy - Alto Saxophone
One-Dan-Band - Trombone
J. Steve Munoz
ArcticLemming715 - Piano Part
Music265 - Piano Part
Itschsi - Oboe Part
W41k3r#43470 - Piano
Jarrett Schiedemeyer - Mallets or any percussion instrument
Ben Norlem - Tuba Part
7aneles7 - Piano
Tchaikovsky No - Piano
13cstaun071 - Trombone
Ken and Pete - Marimba
𝔙𝔢𝔤𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔯𝔬𝔱 - Piano
Litman123456789 - Trombone
Phil0030 - Mallets
Jonathan Kichuk - Trumpet 

Musescore For Chromebooks

I am very fond of the work done here on musescore, and I would like to try making some songs that hasn't been added to musescore yet, so i went to download the music creating tool you have, but when i scrolled through all the different devices that you can download the software onto, I couldn't find the Google Chromebook option, so i searched the Chrome store, Nothing again, but then while i was looking through the community posts, I realised that there could be a group that reports problems, so here I am. I know a lot of people who own a chromebook other than me, who also plays music, I try to introduce this website to as many people I can, and whoever I show this to Is suspicious at first, but learns to love it after giving it a try (and a little of me going "this is how you listen to the song, this is how you change the speed that it plays at, this is the tutorial mode..." ect) And i thought that they might want to make music to, but they only have a chromebook, so same problem again.
So it would be great if you added the Musescore maker on chromebooks, thx
And sorry for the long post ;)

Thoughts on this show idea?

So I had this idea for a show called "A Part". The show is about being apart, separated, from something but still being a part of that. In its essence, the show is about stars and how they are so lonely as individuals in the universe but they are a part of the universe, something much greater than themselves. This show theme is giving me really Blue Knights vibes and I just wanted your thoughts on if this could make a show. If anybody is interested I started writing some pit and soloist stuff that fits the theme really well, and if you want to take a shot at this theme I could send those over to you! Thanks for your thoughts, any comments are appreciated.